The Move

We have packed up and moved to a new address at After numerous technical obstacles, we are doing better than a days ago. All is not quite resolved behind the scenes and we are still changing/building/rearranging cyber furniture but we are inviting you, anyway, since we’ve missed you dearly – and since friends have a higher tolerance for a slightly disorganized place. If you encounter any issues, please comment and let us know.


As we are no longer with, we hope you continue to follow us via (Bloglovin) and visit us as often as you would like.


We wish we could offer you a cup of hot tea with a splash of almond milk and our sort-of-famous homemade cookies when you arrive. They are exceedingly delicious! Sadly, we will not be able to do that but we will be certain to be there when you arrive.


No need to RSVP. See you soon.